Defeating Parvo – George and Lorraine’s Story

My wife and I recently adopted puppies from a non-profit adoption agency here in San Antonio, Texas. We have two small children and we thought it would be great to raise them with kind, loving dogs.

George kissing Lorraine

A day after we took them home, George started showing symptoms of Parvo, not eating, vomiting, lethargy and diarrhea. When I contacted the adoption agency I asked if there was any way they could have Parvo and they said no because they had already been vaccinated several times. I figured he wasn’t eating because he didn’t like the food so my wife went out and bought different food but still George would not eat. We finally decided to take him to the animal hospital ¬†where his health digressed for several days despite all of their efforts. We were told that he may not make it through the night so we took the family for a visit and gave George hugs and kisses and told him to be strong.

George at his worst

Roen visiting George and showing him some love

The next morning, we were delighted to hear that he pulled through the night and that he’s still fighting. Lorraine had a less severe case and after 3 nights at the animal hospital she’s back at home with us terrorizing our children.

Today is day 8 at the animal hospital for George and the veterinarians are still very concerned but we are optimistic that we can reunite George with his sister by this weekend.

A YouTube Playlist of the pups so far:

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